The goal is to form a map that is a collective narrative, which open to a different look and is an occasion where test alternative ways to traverse and transform the city.
So the project to the online activities alongside offline actions: Open Labs where trigger actions read and low frequency on urban spaces.
With laboratories Urban Mapping (Storytelling) and workshops of re-imagining of abandoned spaces and properties, selected through the platform, they promote initiatives which urged citizens and cultural operators to explore territories, to rethink them critically, to win them back and re-imagine them as places of sharing, learning and experience, to care and enhance them through a creative and innovative use, even temporarily.

The re-use ideas gathered through the Open Labs will be subject to crowdfunding on specialized platforms in order to finance them.

To support these processes, we have realized the Map of real estate owned (rental or not) of the City of Naples georeferenced (here) open data published in the Administration section Transparent.

The objective here is to stimulate urban regeneration tactics and support of reuse projects, including through temporary re-imagining workshop space.

To these activities are added the call to a particular image capture, video or sound and the laboratories of Useact UrbactII project of the City of Naples.

Call On Line

Laboratori USEAct – Urbact

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