Mappina was born more than two years ago. The idea is to use mobile devices that can take photos, video and make recordings to tell the story of the cities and their citizens. It was born in Naples, considered by many as the most beautiful city in the world and by others as the most uncivilized, violent and outlaw city in Italy.

The world and Italy are the geographical comparison extremes for this city that is always ready to approach a dimensional confrontation to confirm its stereotypes. The project intends to go beyond these stereotypes.

Through a platform that geo-localizes the contents, we have called out to all those who are in the middle of these two extremes. They are the crowd and the sourcing is their capacity to tell a story. We knew they were in many.

Day after the day Mappina platform contents have grown, and after Naples we have added other places, Rome, Milan, Mestre, Venice, Potenza, Calabria and more.

Born as the alternate map of Naples it is now the alternate map of cities. These past two years Mappina has had no financial support, no sponsors, no other funding and it has grown stubborn and audacious.

In April 2015 we opened a crowdfunding through Telecom Italia platform WITHYOUWEDO – Telecom Italia ,with a goal of 30,000 to reach in 90 days. We reached 43,600. The crowdfunding allowed us todevelop further the platform and create the mobile app.

In December 2015, an imbecile snuck in the website, quietly like only a cowardly and mean person could, deleting content, localizations and mappers.

At first only a few and later many more. A damage that measures the distance between those who want to innovate and those who don’t, because as Andrea Cecchin stated “the innovators sooner or later must face the immune attack from the system they are trying to change”.

Calling this imbecile, a “mappina” (Neapolitan slang for “good for nothing”) would be a compliment, we will abstain from it while committing to move on, united, stronger, more aware, stubborn and enthusiast.

Because behind this project there is a small troop of innovators made up of Mappers, Lovers, Supporters, Testimonials and a Team that uses and shares images, imagination and ideals.


Mappina are out authors, able to tell stories using images, videos, audio and text. Every contribution is a peak in the world, an interest and a passion.


Mappina are those who are always following new activities on the project’s social pages, they root for us, they encourage us and smile at us daily!


Mappina is its 197 supporters from all over the world who participated to the crowd funding.


Mappina are those who, as soon as they have a gadget….


Mappina are those who work on backhand.

Ilaria Vitellio

Project Manager

Marco Montanari

Sviluppo software

Nicola Vitucci


Fabrizio Barbato

Social Media Strategist

Paolo Altieri

Comunication Design

CityOpen Source

Collaborative Mapping 4 All