Map of the property of the municipality of Naples has been developed by Mappina according to data published in the Administration  Transparent “to promote transparency and access to civic pride in compliance with Legislative Decree n. 33 of March 14, 2013: Reorganization of the rules concerning the obligations of publicity, transparency and disclosure of information by the Public Administrations in order to open administration and service to the citizen. “

The map was built by following the directions of the municipal data and organized by type of property:

  • Complex equipment, 319 in all, shown in red;
  • Churches, 100 in all, shown in blue;
  • Premises, 28 027 in all, shown in yellow;
  • Areas and Soils, 1,212 in all, and funds, 76 in all, are shown in green;
  • Lifts, 4 in all, and stairs, around 1, shown in pink.

We have also developed individual maps on the various types of equipment – complex, Churches, Clubs, Areas and Soils, Rustic Funds, elevators and stairs – which also found in the dropdown menu.

Soon the network even homes and property of the Municipality of Naples in other towns.

Each property has been cataloged and georeferenced, according to data reported by the Administration, which are often lacking as is the lack of georeferencing system used by google. On the one hand we found ourselves having to georeference properties on roads not shown on the maps available as either Street in the City of Naples, on the other the google map used for geo-referenced data is often lacking and incomplete.
For example, google map does not recognize and name the streets of Secondigliano. If it is true that there is a right to be forgotten the presence of the territories of oblivion does not belong to our vision of the world, so we have shown all the street names are missing in this as in other neighborhoods on the outskirts of Naples.

In the coming months we will also use different systems of georeferencing data such as base maps alternative representation (following a predilection for Open Steet Map).
Meanwhile, in the meantime you inquire, implemented, used and re-used the data!

The data and processing
The data used are those related to real estate and asset management of the City Administration are given in two tables:
a. list real estate, updated 12/18/2013, which should include all real property owned by the City of Naples;
b. list properties with active lease, as of 18/12/2013, which should return the leased properties active with their rents.
In order to make the geo-referencing of data an instrument at the service of citizens Mappina has revised the content in a single table that summarizes both the ownership and the possible location of the asset, indicating a column with the # 1 if the municipality receives rent with the monthly fee (data table b.) and the n. 0 if it does not feel (the data table.).
It ‘should be emphasized that:

– For some property for which the municipality receives rent (1) does not describe the monthly fee, because the data are not complete administration;
– For some property for which the municipality does not receive rental (# 0) it is said that this is to be considered free, where it can be used by the administration itself, or subject to other types of relationships between public institutions or between the administration and private (agreements, assignments, assignments, etc.)..

Cataloguing data

In addition the map shows the property tabs are classified according to the directions of the municipal data for each well and found:

  • Property;
  • Street address;
  • The property identification code assigned by the City of Naples;
  • Structure of the property (box, warehouse, basement, bedding, fallow area, sports equipment, hotel, clinic, police station, religious convent, boarding school, library, etc.).
  • Scale, floor and interior, if found;
  • District and Municipalities;
  • if the City does not receive rent (no. 0) or receives rent (No. 1) with the monthly fee, if reported by the data;
  • Link to Mappina if present in the Map of leavers in Property abandoned.

Implementation through collaborative mapping
Mappina implement the map bringing additional processing of data in the tables above, a further implementation will cover the geolocation of the property confiscated from the mafia and entered the available assets of the City of Naples, with assignments to institutions, associations and social cooperatives according to the data gathered in the project # confiscatibene.
Many of the properties known to the Municipality of Naples, such as the Market of Sant’Anna di Palazzo that found in the map of abandoned property of Mappina, are not among those listed in the data prepared by the Administration.
In addition to many data are not reported numbers, as other indications.
In these cases, with a view to collaborative mapping, you can report the missing data by filling out the form below:

  • Address (street, house number, zip code, city)
  • Subtype (following those already present in the mapping)
  • Other indications: for the missing property or properties already mapped bringing its code indentificativo.

Caricamento in corso…

Use and reuse
The constellation of property owned by the City of Naples describes a public city made ​​of concentrations and nebulae. The former are mainly in the suburbs, where equipment and premises have been made ​​with the assistance of the Program Extraordinary post-earthquake in the city of Naples launched in implementation of Title VIII of Law 219/81.
You’ll find that the City has two elevators that connect Mount Echia: one in Via Domenico Morelli 61/ae other Largo Nunziatella 13.
For more search power also reuse the data processed by Mappina licensed Creative Commons license 4.0.
The goal is to make these data more accessible by sharing their knowledge in an open format and stimulating the use, interpretation, reworking and redistribution.
in the meantime
Get busy!
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